Wake Up 2 Success

Focus on Your Wins and Not Your Losses to be Successful

Episode Summary

We as human beings have a natural tendency to focus more on failures, losses, and incomplete tasks than we do on the times when things go right for us. It's unfortunate because such a focus often convinces us that the situation we are in is far worse than it actually is. When we feel like a failure and loser, we often act out the part and don't do the things we know we need to do to be successful. In tonight's episode, we take a look at just how powerful focusing on the little wins throughout the day can be. They have a compounding effect that can literally change the course of your career and life.

Episode Transcription

Good morning. Thanks for joining us here on this Tuesday, October 19 today we're going to talk about the importance of celebrating your win. Now, I don't mean your big wins when you win Employee of the Month or something like that or that big sale you get that everybody celebrates. I'm talking about the little wins that occur throughout the day. We, as human beings, have a natural tendency to focus so much more on our losses, our defeats, our incomplete tasks, our failures.


We just tend to focus much more on the negative than we do the positive. And what happens in this case is we start to create a false narrative about ourselves based on these losses and failures, and we start to feel like we're not destined to be successful or we're not very good or the classic. I really suck at this. And the problem is that self-image is not always accurate because we simply aren't taking all of our wins into effect. So, what I want to encourage you to do is to create a wins Journal.


And throughout the day, every time you have a little win, and it doesn't have to be much. I chose not to eat the cookie.


I answered the call from an angry client instead of ghosting them. Those kinds of things happen regularly throughout the day, and if we start to track them, we'll notice how many wins we have, which will cause us to focus a little bit more on the positive and something else occurs too. Every time you write a win down in that wind Journal, a strange thing happened. Dopamine is released and you feel this sense of satisfaction. And so, what happens is after a while, you start doing things just to create that sense of satisfaction, you start doing things that are wins that in the past might have been losses and failures.


And so, the net result is throughout the day, you end up making the right decision more often and having these wins over and over again. And at the end of the day, right before you call it a day and head to bed, take a moment to write down any wins you might have missed. And then read over that list and you'll go to bed with a sense that you had a much better day than you would have if you've been focusing on the negatives. And then the next morning, get up first thing and read over your list of wins from yesterday.


And what happens is you start the day with this sense of accomplishment, this sense of power that carries you through the day.


And the next thing you know, these winds start to pile on top of each other and you look up one day and you're successful.